Dock or piling construction and repair

Dawson-rig.jpgIt\’s the time of year when people start thinking about water activities and docks again and a couple of folks have expressed interest in having docks built this year. Between the permitting process and the expense of design, construction and installation of the dock it can be an intimidating process.
There are several methods of securing docks but in the 35 years or so I\’ve had a dock on this lake I keep coming back to the conclusion that regardless of who actually builds your dock, pilings are the best method of anchoring them. Regardless of how you do it, it is challenging to keep a dock on this lake due to the combined effects of high annual water level fluctuation, ice, large pieces of driftwood and whole trees coming down the lake, high winds and rough water.
Several years ago a number of people were interested in replacing, repairing or straightening pilings. We all went together and brought in Dawson Pile Driving of Lake Stevens. The move-in-fee alone of that big rig was between $5000 and $10,000 dollars but it is capable of putting in heavy-duty steel pilings up to 10\’ or 12 \’ in diameter. Needless to say there is a great cost benefit to going together to have this done if you are interested in installing or repairing a dock.
If you are contemplating having any dock work done let me know by email at and I\’ll put you in touch with the others similarly interested and you can coordinate the permitting, building and installation process.

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