MedStar Heli Open House

New Helo Air

As part of Northwest MedStar\’s ongoing commitment to patients and the communities we serve, we are staffing a weekend day base this summer in the north central region of Washington. Knowing that the summer is a busy time for the communities in Chelan, Okanogan and Douglas counties, the base will move throughout the region to coincide with community activities and provide an opportunity for people to see the helicopter and talk with the crew.

This weekend, a Northwest MedStar helicopter crew will be based in Leavenworth from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. It will be near the DOT shop on the North side of Highway 2 near the West end of town. Visits from our partners and the community are encouraged. If you or any of your team members have the opportunity, please stop by, say hi to our crew and check out our aircraft. Feel free to share this with others you may know as well, including your hospital, EMS and fire partners. Please take into consideration that the crew’s primary duty is service to the community, they may need to leave at a moments notice to respond to a transport request.

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