2016 Sockeye Update

sockeye2016Our local Sockeye Reporter, Rollie Schmitten sent us the following note:
The season for Lake Wenatchee Sockeye started with gusto on this past Wednesday (7/20/16).
It was some of the best sockeye fishing that I have seen over the past decade. The WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife set the daily limit at 6 fish per day per angler; Wow!!!. There are now an estimated 70-80,000 fish expected to enter natal waters. We are authorized to take anything over 25,000 necessary for escapement. Personally, I hope that we allow more than the required escapement in these robust years to offset low return years. The first two days were the best fishing that I have seen with limits for many fishers and an average of 3.5 fish per angler. Fishing has slowed with the advent of the “wind”, what’s new, and the recent warm days that drive the fish deeper and with less enthusiasm to bite. We, Barb and I, took the first women’s team out today with good success (everyone caught fish).

Good luck and good fishing,
Rollie Schmitten