The Chelan County Board of Commissioners’ workshop on Short Term (Vacation) Rental code drafting is scheduled for October 28, 2020 at 1:00 PM for the Board’s consideration of the Planning Commission’s recommended code. The link for that Zoom meeting is below. Or you can use the link to go to the Board’s webpage and get to it there. If you have any questions, please call the Board of Commissioners office at (509)667-6215.
Please use this link to access their web page:
If you wish to see the most current information, as well as past information about the process used to develop the draft Short Term Rentals code, please visit the following webpage for those resources.
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Meeting ID: 650 411 499
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Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns by calling:  509-667-6215

First snow of the year…………

 The first snow of the year has arrived. In the 24 hours beginning Friday morning we’ve received 4.5 inches of heavy, wet snow on the South Shore of Lake Wenatchee.  With the current temps it will probably hang around for a couple days but with warming temps beginning Monday will go away.

To track the annual snowfall at the lake click on Reports at the top of this page, then under Daily Snowfall click on Lake Wenatchee which will take you to the Lake Wenatchee Snowfall Report.   You can see daily snow reports once the snow season starts and historic Snowfall Totals.

Plain XC Passes on Sale

It is snowing in Plain! Conveniently, Oct 31st is the deadline for purchasing early season discounted Plain Cross Country ski passes. Stop by the store, or go online to Plain Skiing Passes

Assessors 2020 property valuations…………..

 The annual property valuations from the County Assessor arrived two weeks ago.   After talking with a few neighbors and confirming that their hefty increases were consistent with ours I emailed County Assessor Deanna Walter to confirm  that the valuations were valid and not the result of a data input error or other glitch. She promptly replied that the valuations as sent are valid.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks collecting data from several areas-  in some identifiable neighborhoods the valuation changes seem quite consistent and in others they’re all over the place. If there are errors here please bear in mind that I have the data only as provided me by some owners so this is not a professional or scientific sampling and the data is only as good as the senders math or mine.

                                                                                                            LAND                    STRUCTURES

Lake Wenatchee South Shore Waterfront                                             0                             +75%-77%        
Lake Wenatchee North Shore Waterfront                                   +49%                           -1%                 
Lake Wenatchee South Shore non-waterfront                           +25%                          +11%-25%
Lake Wenatchee North Shore non-water front                          +25%+                        +5-+25% 
South Shore Summer homes on USFS land                                n/a                          +200%

Note:  There were some properties that reported changes that appear to deviate from their neighborhood pattern; One non-waterfront property on North Shore Drive reported -18 on land value.  I did receive some data from other areas like Chiwawa Pines and River Road but not enough to see patterns there.

I’ve also been collecting data on property sales that are apparently the driving factor in the Assessors valuation formula. It’s difficult to format this data so will just summarize each neighborhood. These are all the sales I’ve found for years 2019 and 2020:
Lake Wenatchee South Shore Waterfront:     Three sales; $590,000, $825,000 and $150,000 (land only)
Lake Wenatchee South Shore non-Waterfront;  13 sales; three lots with structures sold for $125,000 to                                                                                                     $350,000; ten land-only sales were from $35,000                                                                                                    to $170,000.
 Lake Wenatchee North Shore Waterfront:       One home sale at $422,282, one land-only sale at                                                                                                      $500,000
 Lake Wenatchee North Shore non-Waterfront:       Three home sales at $510,000, $300,000 and                                                                                                            $614,000
I’ll invoke a disclaimer here for sales I might have missed but do take a look yourself at the sales as reported on the Assessors website. To do this:    Go to
                                                                Click on Interactive Map
                                                                Click on Continue on the GIS disclaimer screen
                                                                On the map screen scroll to the Northwest to Lake Wenatchee 
                                                                Click on Layer List logo on left margin of screen
                                                                Click boxes for 2019 Sales, 2020 Sales and Roads
                                                                Click on + and scroll to the area you wish to check for sales. Text
                                                                will appear on the screen for sales and the land parcel will be                                                                                highlighted.
                                                                Click on that text and a text box will come up from where you can go                                                                    to more information for each sold property.
Two of our South Shore attorney residents discussed the valuations situation with tax specialists in their firms who advised that proceeding with individual appeals is preferable to trying any kind of collective or group appeal. 
APPEALS OF VALUATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE BOARD OF EQUALIZATIION PRIOR TO 11-2-2020.  To FILE APPEALS go to the Board of Equalization web page at , read that page then click on Download Board of Equalization Appeals Bracket.  Instructions are provided on the BOE webpage for submission of the appeal either in hard copy or electronically. 

Cold temps and snow in forecast this week

Winter is preparing to make it’s first appearance at the lake with below freezing temps and significant snow in the forecast.  Wednesday night temps are forecast at 24 degrees, Thursday night at 26.  Snow shows up on Friday with 5 to 9 inches forecast with a daytime high temp of 30.  Additional snow possible Friday night. Click on Webcams and Weather above for links to multiple weather sources and for the the forecast pinpointed at the lake go to

Daily snowfall reports, highway information links and more are found by clicking Reports above.


Free flu shots in Plain, Thursday, October 22

The Free Clinic operated by Upper Valley MEND will provide free flu shots for  uninsured and under-insured individuals 18 years of age and older from 3PM to 6PM at the Plain Pantry, located at the Plain Community Church.  Get a flu vaccine to protect yourself, your family and your community!

On October 15th the Chelan County Planning Commission approved draft proposals for the regulation of short-term rentals (STR’s) in  the unincorporated areas of Chelan County. The draft proposals can be viewed in their entirety at
Of particular interest to Lake Wenatchee residents is that the draft proposals provide for sunsetting (eliminating over time) already-operating STR’s in RR2.5 and RV zones but does not provide for sunsetting in RW zones. All homesites/land parcels above and below Cedar Brae Road on the South Shore are designated RW as is everything between Lake Wenatchee Highway and the lake on the North Shore, meaning that STR’s would be permitted in those areas. Most of the lots in those areas are less than a half acre, many of them less than a quarter acre, thus structures there are most often quite close together.
To view zoning designations, lot size information and more on the Chelan County GIS mapping system:
            Click on the highlighted link to Interactive Map
            Click on Continue
            Scroll the map up to the Lake Wenatchee area
            On the left side of the screen click on the Layer List which is depicted by three sheets of paper                      On the layer list click on Roads and Zones
            Click on + to zoom in on the area you wish to look at
            Click on any parcel to view lot size, etc for that property
The currently posted schedule for the STR process does not show a date the County Commissioners will begin deliberations on the draft proposals.
For further information on the STR issue go to the Community Development page for this topic at     There are links there to many documents, timetables and other data there.

Towing tube looking for home………………

 A large towing tube was recovered afloat in Lake Wenatchee this morning (not the pictured one)  To claim it call 509-860-0189 and describe the tube.


Successful search/rescue in area by LWFR and CCSO

Late Saturday evening Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue  volunteer firefighters and EMTs assisted Chelan County Sheriff Deputies in the search for and rescue of a 73 year old hunter lost north of fish lake. The hunter was found after an extensive search. He was treated for diabetic and exposure symptoms and is fairing well today.
Rescuers spent over 6 hours out in the wind, rain,(and some snow flurries) to support a positive outcome. A big thank you to all that braved the conditions to field the large team required on this call.

Saturday, October 24th, is Make-A-Difference Day. There are a lot of good projects out there you can be part of –  for a complete listing of them in the greater Wenatchee area area go to

Local or nearby projects are at the Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp.  They have scheduled  their  annual Fall work party for  Saturday October 24 from 8-5pm and again on Sunday October 25 from 8-2pm. Folks are welcome to spend the night in one of our cabins if they like as we will provide free lodging and meals for all those who are in attendance.  We’ll have plenty of coffee and have a warm fire going.  There will be both indoor and outdoor projects and everyone is welcome young and old!  For details go to

Another good project deserving of  your time is clean-up of the Washington State 9-11 Memorial at the Riverside Center in Cashmere. Meet there at 8AM on Saturday, October 24th.  For details and driving directions see


Boat adrift…………

An aluminum fishing boat was recovered adrift about mid-lake near the the North Shore of Lake Wenatchee this morning. Registration numbers are missing. If the pictured craft is yours call 509-763-1502 to claim it.