Fire District 9 wants to remind folks of a fire hazard many people unwittingly have in their homes. Many of us store 9 volt batteries in our homes for smoke detectors or other devices or collect them in various places to save them for recycling.  Incorrect storage of either new or used 9 volt batteries can cause a fire. If the batteries are thrown together in a baggie, bowl, can or other container, a hazard exists if the two contacts on the battery come into simultaneous contact with metal or any other conductor of electricity. That creates a short between the terminals and the resulting heat can be sufficient to ignite a fire.  Members of our own fire department  have dealt with a situation where a 9 volt battery caused a fire to ignite in a mans pocket when the battery terminals were both in contact with a coin for a sustained time. Easiest solution if you store 9 volt batteries loosely:  place a piece of electricaDSC_0002l tape over the end of the battery which covers both terminals so nothing can come into direct contact with them.  See the accompanying photos and  for more information  watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSJH21WmALc