Lake Wenatchee Info is a website and blog developed to provide information to visitors to the Lake Wenatchee, Fish Lake and Plain area of Washington State, and provide a community forum for full and part time residents. Currently this site is supported by the volunteer efforts of:

  • Dave Neir: Founder 2005, original creator of Lake Wenatchee .
  • George Wilson:Lake Wenatchee resident, full time correspondent
  • Rob Shurtleff: Part-time Lake Wenatchee resident, WordPress Blogging Software amateur
  • Henk Jordaan:  WordPress Wizzard
  • Kristian Hamilton: Events, Community Posts and all around Marketing.

Guest posts, photos and feedback are appreciated, please submit by emailing to: Please see our Guest Post Policy in Site Policies.

Sponsorship and Donations:

In order to offset costs of site development, hosting, and email services we will accept a small number of sponsorships ads. Ads will be placed on our email notifications and in on our site sidebar. Donations are processed via Paypal:

If you are donating for a specific project, the Skate Club for example, drop us an email at Admin and let us know what your donation is for. To submit a Lost & Found, Help Wanted Advertisement or Photograph, please email us at: Admin  Site administrators will make final decision on appropriateness and postings.

Beyond costs for hosting and maintaining the site, all funds received from Donations or Sponsors will be periodically divided up among the local charities listed in the “We Support”  page.   Over the last few years the site has provided more than $31,000 to local organizations.