Additional information on Verizon coverage at Lake Wenatchee

  Since the first posting on this issue a couple days ago we’ve heard from several folks that have called in to report less-than-adequate service. The feedback they are getting sounds like the message is beginning to get through to Verizon but it’s a good time to keep the calls going in to insure they take a look at what’s happening up here.

One resident has passed on that when she contacted Verizon after seeing the posting on this website she was told that her subscription plan provided for Verizon to shut down her access at times of heavy usage of the system. With her permission her comments are provided below but you might want to explore your subscription plan with Verizon to see if there are surprises there.

We are weekenders in the Dirty Face area.
I contacted Verizon today after reading your article to report the increasing problems with cell phone signal strength on weekends. I was told that my cell phone plan allows Verizon to drop me from a tower when demand is high at any time (I am paying a whooping $270 for 2 lines). If I want to make sure that I have “higher priority” I need to pay an additional $70 per line ..
I asked the tech. rep to consider my phone call a complaint regarding this issue and I am contemplating filing a complaint in writing.
Petra B