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Addison VerellenLittle Addison Verellen, 11 month old daughter of Josh and Amy Verellen, has just undergone surgery at Children’s Hospital in Seattle, Wa., to address a neuroblastoma tumor recently found in her abdomen. Addison will now be immediately undergoing extensive Chemotherapy for an undetermined amount of time. This is a prolonged treatment that will cause the Verellen’s to leave their current home in eastern Eastern Washington to be with Addison while she fights the battle for her life.

Amy is the daughter of Rich and Cindy Cram of Plain and was a volunteer firefighter in the fire department here at Lake Wenatchee before being hired by the Forest Service. She eventually became a member of the Entiat Hot Shots crew and she and husband Josh both continue as Forest Service firefighters.

This family has done a lot for our community and the community now has the opportunity to return that service. The parents will be staying at the Ronald McDonald house bear Childrens in Seattle but there will considerable expense to the family for treatment and lost wages, etc for her family to be in Seattle with Addison.  The Addison Verellen Cancer Fund has been established at the Cashmere Valley Bank or donations may be made online at or Give Forward . There is also a page at Caring Bridge for Addie where you can read current messages from the family or send them messages as well.

Please consider making a donation to help this deserving family-  financial worries should not be a burden they carry at this time.


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  • Jody Sherin December 10, 2014, 9:43 am

    Please tell this family that when they are at Children’s in Seattle they should inquire about the clinical trial going on through the BenTowne Foundation at Children’s. They have had marvelous success with T-cell for lymphoblastic leukemia (11 of 13 relapsed patients after transplant) and they are now going to test for neuroblastoma patients. I am not sure if this is for new patients or only relapsed patients but I do know that it is nowhere near as invasive and miserable as chemo treatments, transplants, etc. and if possible for a patient so young it just might help. My nephew is married to Ben Towne’s auntie, (Ben didn’t survive) and the family is totally dedicated to see that children no longer have to suffer these horrific treatments and that there will be a cure. Never, ever hurts to ask. Here is a link to an article that talks about it, and feel free to check out the Ben Towne Foundation as well. Thank God they are taking their little one to Children’s.–Boasts-85–Complete-Remission-Rate-in-Children-with-Relapsed-Leukemia/