CaptureThe Greek have a word for it! \’Opa!\’ Ancient Greece and Olympic Games
Come to our celebration of All Things Greek! The gods request your company so don your favorite toga or arrive in the majestic attire of the Greek gods and goddesses to participate in our Best Dressed Greek Contest. Then Get Your Zorba On for some Greek Line Dancing! Go for the Gold in our Olympic Games, the sprint, shot put, discus, chariot races, horseback races, long jump, and swimming relay. Kids can play Titan\’s Struggle, Medusa Tag, Breaking Plates, and the Greek Children\’s Folk Games of hopscotch and jackstones, or relax coloring Greek Mythology pages. Enjoy a special kids social of Nectar of the gods and Popcorn Torches and hear the story of Arachne the Weaver followed by a special craft. The gods and goddesses will be roaming the park, how many can you identify? Adults can attend our Ouzo, Cheese and Olive Social. Other activities include bobbing for olives, Greek photo wall, Greek Mythology Trivia and word searches, Tavli (backgammon) Tournament, and Diloti Card Game Tournament. Sit by the campfire and learn the story of Prommetheus and enjoy some Loukoumathes (Greek Donut Holes). Saturday Dinner: My Big Fat Greek Burger (grilled bun, greek seasoning, yogurt sauce, red onion, lettuce and tomato) while you listen to the harp. Dinner by reservation is, please call the resort at 509-763-2020. Finish off the evening with our outdoor movie Clash of the Titans. It\’s All Greek To Me!

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