Assessors 2020 property valuations…………..

 The annual property valuations from the County Assessor arrived two weeks ago.   After talking with a few neighbors and confirming that their hefty increases were consistent with ours I emailed County Assessor Deanna Walter to confirm  that the valuations were valid and not the result of a data input error or other glitch. She promptly replied that the valuations as sent are valid.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks collecting data from several areas-  in some identifiable neighborhoods the valuation changes seem quite consistent and in others they’re all over the place. If there are errors here please bear in mind that I have the data only as provided me by some owners so this is not a professional or scientific sampling and the data is only as good as the senders math or mine.

                                                                                                            LAND                    STRUCTURES

Lake Wenatchee South Shore Waterfront                                             0                             +75%-77%        
Lake Wenatchee North Shore Waterfront                                   +49%                           -1%                 
Lake Wenatchee South Shore non-waterfront                           +25%                          +11%-25%
Lake Wenatchee North Shore non-water front                          +25%+                        +5-+25% 
South Shore Summer homes on USFS land                                n/a                          +200%

Note:  There were some properties that reported changes that appear to deviate from their neighborhood pattern; One non-waterfront property on North Shore Drive reported -18 on land value.  I did receive some data from other areas like Chiwawa Pines and River Road but not enough to see patterns there.

I’ve also been collecting data on property sales that are apparently the driving factor in the Assessors valuation formula. It’s difficult to format this data so will just summarize each neighborhood. These are all the sales I’ve found for years 2019 and 2020:
Lake Wenatchee South Shore Waterfront:     Three sales; $590,000, $825,000 and $150,000 (land only)
Lake Wenatchee South Shore non-Waterfront;  13 sales; three lots with structures sold for $125,000 to                                                                                                     $350,000; ten land-only sales were from $35,000                                                                                                    to $170,000.
 Lake Wenatchee North Shore Waterfront:       One home sale at $422,282, one land-only sale at                                                                                                      $500,000
 Lake Wenatchee North Shore non-Waterfront:       Three home sales at $510,000, $300,000 and                                                                                                            $614,000
I’ll invoke a disclaimer here for sales I might have missed but do take a look yourself at the sales as reported on the Assessors website. To do this:    Go to
                                                                Click on Interactive Map
                                                                Click on Continue on the GIS disclaimer screen
                                                                On the map screen scroll to the Northwest to Lake Wenatchee 
                                                                Click on Layer List logo on left margin of screen
                                                                Click boxes for 2019 Sales, 2020 Sales and Roads
                                                                Click on + and scroll to the area you wish to check for sales. Text
                                                                will appear on the screen for sales and the land parcel will be                                                                                highlighted.
                                                                Click on that text and a text box will come up from where you can go                                                                    to more information for each sold property.
Two of our South Shore attorney residents discussed the valuations situation with tax specialists in their firms who advised that proceeding with individual appeals is preferable to trying any kind of collective or group appeal. 
APPEALS OF VALUATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE BOARD OF EQUALIZATIION PRIOR TO 11-2-2020.  To FILE APPEALS go to the Board of Equalization web page at , read that page then click on Download Board of Equalization Appeals Bracket.  Instructions are provided on the BOE webpage for submission of the appeal either in hard copy or electronically.