Barbeque hazard warning……………….

caution Do you barbeque? You should be aware of what two people in our own little area here have experienced recently.  A local EMT and firefighter suffering continuing abdominal pain went to his doctor who found a piece of wire in his digestive track that required a very invasive several-hour surgery to remove. Another 28 year-old lady eating a barbequed chicken meal felt a piercing pain in her throat. She was taken to the Cascade Medical emergency room in Leavenworth where the doctor located and successfully extracted a piece of wire stuck in her throat.  The apparent source of both of these pieces of wire was a wire-type barbeque-cleaning brush. In the second incident, the lady’s family was aware of the first wire incident and had already disposed of the wire-type cleaning brush but understandably did not think to again clean the grill plates to be sure there was no wire remaining on the grill. The potential for permanent injury or death in these cases is apparent and scary to consider, particularly if a child had ingested one of these, so please consider ridding yourselves of the wire cleaning brushes (other types are available)  and clean your grill well with the new one.

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  • jbk51691 July 4, 2014, 8:29 am

    Thanks for sharing this. I used my grill brush two days ago and noticed a few fine metal bristles had come off of the brush while I was cleaning it. I will now go out and reclean the grill and toss the old brush.