Bear activity on South Shore

Bear 6-2-14 A good-sized cinnamon bear was wandering a driveway on the South Shore yesterday mid-day. This is something new. The one pictured was at my place June 2nd. What appears to be the same bear has announced himself several times in the last couple weeks but always at night until now.   Whether this indicates a lessening fear of human contact or not I don’t know but if so it doesn’t seem like that would be a good thing. All the sightings have been between 15400 and 15700 Cedar Brae.

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  • jbk51691 June 15, 2014, 11:30 pm

    I saw a black bear at Kahler Glen crossing the road to go over to the Nason Ridge trail head. He was just down the road from their conference center. I doubt he was going hiking but as soon as he saw our car he immediately darted back into the woods which is a good thing that he is afraid. They are waking from their hibernation and are really hungry right now trying to find anything easy till the berries ripen. Garbage cans are an easy meal if they can get it.