Cell phone coverage in Lake Wenatchee area………….

 It’s been the prevailing perception of a lot of folks up here over the years that the best cell service in the Lake Wenatchee area has been from Verizon. A number of people have recently commented, however, on what they perceive to be a slowing or other degradation of the Verizon cell service in the area. Speculation is that increased usage is taxing the capability of the current cell tower. Specific problems cited have been a general slowing of the system, inability to access the cell system and recurring difficulty sending photos by text message.We have experienced these problems ourselves.

I’ve inquired around about the perceived changes and have been advised that Verizon will address the problems only if a substantial number of their customers get their attention by notifying them of problems they’re encountering in the area. The best way to do that is to dial 611 from your cell phone and tell them you wish to create a trouble ticket and cite the problems you are confronting with cell service in the Lake Wenatchee area. Be sure to use the term Lake Wenatchee area in your comments to Verizon so they associate all the calls from this area.

When we called in, we selected Technical Support as our destination. We were left on hold for a long time so disconnected, called back citing poor service as our problem and the call went through very quickly. The Verizon rep speculated too about increased usage being the underlying problem and did offer a couple of solutions we’ll try.  It IS important that these calls be made so they get the message that service here is deteriorating.