Comments sought on river access/parking project

o10 o13The Chelan PUD is reviewing and soliciting public comments on a proposal to construct a parking lot/river access project on PUD property at the intersection of Beaver Valley Highway and River Road where Beaver Valley Highway crosses the Wenatchee River.

There are frequently hazardous situations at this location when river users park there while floating the Wenatchee River. Shown are two photos taken at the proposed location, crossing the bridge Eastbound, on March 14, 2106. Note people walking on the travelled roadway and trucks off-loading rafts from trailers parked on the shoulder of the road. This is a scenario seen frequently in warmer months with many cars, trailers and rafts parked along both sides of the road and pedestrians, often children, running around on or crossing the road. Official vehicles and trailers of the PUD and other agencies that monitor fish habitat etc on the river are often parked on this same stretch of road shoulder.

Please make your comments heard on this proposal. Send them via email to Jeff Smith, Managing Director of District Services at the PUD, at

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