Considering dock construction or piling work?

A South Shore owner is willing to coordinate an effort to explore bringing a pile driver to the lake for dock construction.  Cooperation here is a good thing-  the pile driver we’ve used in the past (pictured) is a big rig that several years ago cost about $10,000 just to get it here. The 14 or so parties that had work done shared that cost and then paid for their own individual work. Undoubtedly you can find a less expensive pile driver rig but what they can put down in pilings is probably also commensurate with their price; our pilings are 10” and 12” steel.  The rig we had is also amphibious-  like an Army duck it can get into shallow water and onto beach areas to place pilings which in a lot of cases is essential to having a usable dock.

Don’t have any illusions about having a dock put in or piling work done being a quickly-completed process. The permitting process can be intimidating  but there are companies that can help navigate the process. All areas on the lake are not created equal-  in some areas where bedrock is very near the surface, pilings are not an option. If you’re interested in having work done or want to discuss some of my experiences with docks on this lake  over forty years email me at and I’ll put you in touch with the fellow who will be coordinating the project or call you.

I’ve also been told that Chelan Dock Company will be on the lake June 6th repairing pilings/dock damage.  COMMENTS