Cougar Creek Fire Links

Here are links for tracking the Cougar Creek Fire. W


Facebook Stream of Monday Eve Aug 20 Update Meeting
presentations start at about minute 15, roughly an hour in length
FB Meeting Link

Map Full Screen

Q and A Highlights
Smoke Weather Prediction: Tuesday will continue to be heavy, Wed wind should increase from S and W (less smoke for Plain and Lake Wenatchee. Much cooler on Weekend and potential for rain (good news) min 53 on tape

Evacuation ?
588 residences in Level 2 area. Thousand Trails asked to move trailers out immediately. Roads to Leavenworth and Coles Corner will be open, evac will be called early

How far west has the fire moved?
For the most part the fire is still east of FS-6104, the FS road between Maverick Saddle and Maverick Lookout

How quickly will the fire move west, as fast as it moved east?
At 1:10 on the tape, the fuels on the east side were much more prone to flashing and the wind and terrain align so the wind is funneled all contribute to faster fire movement, the fire on the west side will advance more slowly, fuels less flashy and the terrain/drainages do not align with the wind.