From Chelan County Public Works:

With Chelan County Public Works now preparing for winter and the inevitable snowfall that comes with it, our road crews ask residents to do some prepping of their own.
Residents are reminded that a vehicle is considered “abandoned” if left within the county right-of-way for more than 24 hours. (A right-of-way is an easement for public travel that’s maintained by CCPW. The width of the right-of-way varies from road to road.) Abandoned vehicles can be removed or impounded by the sheriff’s office. If this happens, any fees for removal for impoundment are on the owner. (Chelan County Code 9.32)
A vehicle can park along the right-of-way as long as it is not designated a “no parking” area and it is not impeding traffic or road maintenance, including snowplowing operations.
The recent drop in temperatures reminds us that now is the time to remove those vehicles parked along the county road before snowplows are called to action. Vehicles parked along the edge of the roadway hinder snowplowing and other road maintenance efforts as well as create a safety hazard for our drivers.
Please do your part in keeping motorists – and snowplow drivers – safe this winter season by removing vehicles parked along the shoulder of the county road.