County imposes marijuana ban

Pot plantThe Chelan County Commissioners today (February 9th) imposed a ban on marijuana growing and processing operations. This will prohibit operation of the marijuana growing operation proposed for Plain. The resolution passed states the Commissioners “Accept Planning Commission’s recommendation enacting a permanent prohibition on all production and processing of all marijuana both recreational and medical with a 24 month amortization period for pre-existing legally established operations as of 9/29/2015.  We will require all current operations to register with Chelan County Department of Community Development.  The Department of Community Development will convene a workgroup to consider regulations for review by the Planning Commission and possible adoption by the County Commission no later than the end of  December 2016 – (Planning Commission section 11.97.030 2nd  paragraph correction “and” should be inserted)” COMMENT

See the Wenatchee World article reporting todays meeting at: