20131125_160927There is a great deal of inconsistency among county, federal and state agencies as to what activity is permitted or not permitted on lands administered by them. The current status as known is:


  1. State lands: The state Lands Commissioner has banned all campfires on state-administered lands. This means no campfires or other outdoor burning on DNR lands but campfires are permitted in established state parks.
  2. National Forest lands & campgrounds:  There are currently no campfire restrictions on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest of NFS campgrounds except those wilderness area restrictions that are always in place. When campfire restrictions are in place it means that wood and charcoal fires are not allowed. Pressurized liquid gas stoves are still allowed. Briquette fires are not allowed.
  3. The fire chiefs of upper valley Chelan County have agreed that under current county restrictions, campfires and cooking fires are permitted so long as they are small and within an approved-type fire pit which in part means the fire is contained within a fireproof ring less than 3 feet in diameter which extends all the way down into mineral soil.  Burning of yard waste, slash and constructions debris is prohibited.
  4. Discharge of fireworks of any type is prohibited in all of unincorporated Chelan County, in National Forest lands and State Parks.
  5. WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife lands: No campfires permitted, even in approved-type fire rings. Propane or LP fueled stoves or lanterns are allowed.  Smoking prohibited except in closed vehicle. Welding, operating torches with open flames and use of internal combustion-powered engines is prohibited. Fireworks are prohibited year-round at all WDFW areas.

To report illegal discharge of fireworks or illegal fires call the non-emergency number for RiverCom dispatch at 509-663-9911