Dark Sky Association

Starry sky One of the treasures of this area is a velvet black sky belted with a Milky Way of millions of stars that are barely visible in a city’s light-polluted night.  The International Dark-Sky Association (see its website) is a group formed to protect the beauties of the night sky through education programs about astronomy and promotion of responsible lighting.

The nearest chapter of the Dark Sky Association, and the only one north of California or west of Iowa and Minnesota (what a neglect of those beautiful skies between!), is in Kent, Washington.  If there is community interest, we would like to form a chapter of the Dark Sky Association here in Chelan County.

While there are many educational and civic activities that a Dark Sky chapter could undertake, a new chapter should help its members to get acquainted, explore the knowledge, resources, and curiosity of the membership, and take off from there.  Events could range from Meteor Shower parties, to Telescope Shopping, to Observatory Field Trips, to . . . whatever in the universe attracts the membership’s eye.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of forming a Dark-Sky chapter, please contact njmcmiller@hotmail.com and put “Dark Sky” in the subject line.  Ten to fifteen people would have to respond in order for an initial meeting to be called. Comments