Designation of waterfront areas to be discussed

The Chelan County Commissioners will hold a special meeting at 1:30pm, July 26, 2017 at 400 Douglas Street Room #1, Wenatchee, WA. Of concern and to be specifically discussed is the South Shoreline of Lake Wenatchee. Based on the existing development, a change of designation for this area will be recommended. Discussion for this area is expected to be which designation is the best fit for the current and future uses. Other areas will also be addressed including the Wenatchee River, Brae Burn and Fish Lake.

The process for reviewing designations will include a review of new information and original criteria used for the Inventory and Analysis Report. In some areas, this may result in a detailed discussion and in others a more general discussion. The agenda is intended to guide discussion and may be modified.

This is important to property owners-  the designation assigned your property can have significant impact on the uses allowed of your property.

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