Donations Being Matched

nasonbrush A number of volunteers lead by Bill Miller have been working to clear brush adjacent to the Nason Ridge Ski trail.  The long fire season led to a late start.  The volunteers have brought in professional mechanical help, and been asking for donations to pay the estimated $3000 cost of getting the worst areas cleared before the ski season begins.  Lake Wenatchee Info is pledging $500 in matching funds to help with this effort.  Please call Bill if you can donate 425 444-9598.   The brusher is out on the trail and the more we can raise the farther it can go.  This work is not funded by the ski passes.  In years past it has been completed by hand by volunteers led by Bill.  The mechanical clearing will make it easier for volunteers to hand clear the brush in future years.

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  • John C November 9, 2014, 11:18 am

    Who should be the payee on my check? Bill Miller?