Over the 4th and into the weekend the area will be experiencing conditions that require caution. High temperatures, low humidity and wind are expected. Those are a dangerous combination anytime but adding to that the use of fireworks over the Fourth adds to the potential for problems.

Chelan County ordinance permits the use of ground-based fireworks only ( NO aerial fireworks, bottle rockets, firecrackers, etc) from 1PM to 11:59 PM on July 3rd and July 4th. You can review the entire ordinance at http://www.codepublishing.com/wa/chelancounty.html Just because the law says you can do some types of fireworks, please use common sense in the use of any pyrotechnics and show some consideration for your neighbors with dogs, etc. If you have renters or guests coming to your places over this period please advise them of the elevated fire danger level and restrictions on outdoor fires and fireworks.

At his request I\’m passing on below some comments from a North Shore Drive resident and completely understand his frustration. The dog issue speaks for itself and on the South Shore we share the speed problems. The Sheriff has been receiving speeding complaints and has had speed enforcement patrols in the area this week. Our local roads are residential and recreational in nature, folks, and are not I-90 or I-405. Please be respectful of those that like to walk or ride the roads and let them do it without fearing for their safety.

George Wilson

From the North Shore:
There will be more and more homeowners and their guests using their residences for the coming summer months. This note is to remind folks that, even though we may be \’in the wilderness\’ compared to your regular neighborhoods, certain considerations should still apply. North Shore Drive should not be treated as a \’˜\’leash free zone\’ for your dog(s). Thanks to the lady with a golden lab (?), three months of greenhouse and loving garden nurturing was destroyed as the off-leash dog tore through the garden in pursuit of my cats. It is not the dog\’s fault, it only does what dogs do, and a dog is not capable of putting itself on a leash. I see no excuse for the owner. The other issue is speeding ALL of North Shore Drive is 25 mph. There is No reason you need to be driving 35 -40 mph and more (as measured with a radar gun). If you are in such a rush, use Lake Wenatchee Highway instead. In this case with children at play, more than a garden is at risk. Please be considerate and act responsibly!

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  • Jody Sherin July 4, 2013, 10:30 am

    Sadly, Tall Timber Rec Sites shares with you the problems of unleashed dogs and cars speeding through the neighborhood, and as we have no rental units, it is our own neighbors who are getting lax with the “rules”.

    I think we all need reminders that common courtesy should not go bye-bye just because we are out “in the wilderness” and I thank you for yours. If a child is hit, the driver would spend the rest of his/her life living with the guilt. If nothing else, I would think the speeders might remember how quickly a deer can pop up in front of you (and at those speeds, that makes for a very nasty accident).

    Let’s all pledge to be good neighbors.

  • michaelstanford July 4, 2013, 10:32 pm

    we are not in the wilderness, we are in rural Chelan County. Call the Sheriff. Make sure you request contact or they wont come out.