Excellent Conditions

NasonTrakThe conditions on the Lake Wenatchee cross country ski trails are the best we have had in some time. A complete description of the trails can be found here. The trails in Kahler Glen are now being groomed with the wider snow cat. The See and Ski trail, east of the Midway Market, along the Wenatchee River is open to dogs after noon. Nason Ridge opened last weekend and the few that were willing to climb the ridge with temps in the teens report excellent snow cover and tracks around the entire upper loop. All trails require:

1: a snow park pass $40, with a grooming tag +$40 or
2: a daily snow park pass $20 + State Park Discovery Pass

Funds from the pass sales directly support winter grooming. Please purchase a pass available online here. Photo by Tom, first tracker New Years morning on Nason Ridge.