Fire Dept Auxilary Needs Help With The IRS

DSCN1813The Chelan County Fire District 9 Auxiliary at Lake Wenatchee supports the Fire District by raising funds for equipment and training materials, and provides meals, hot drinks and hydration to firefighters during major incidents. In the last year the Auxiliary raised and donated $20,000 to Fire District programs. Due to a combination of mis-understandings, mis-communication and conflicting information from the IRS, the IRS has recently notified the Auxiliary that their tax-exempt status has been revoked. The Auxiliary must now either re-apply for tax exempt status or attempt to have it re-instated. Either route is an intimidating process and recent conversations with IRS attempting to resolve this issue have resulted in conflicting information being provided each time. Time is critical in trying to resolve this issue and even trying to just talk with a CPA during this tax season is difficult . If you are an active or retired CPA or tax attorney experienced in dealing with the IRS, your fire department auxiliary solicits your assistance. If you are qualified and in a position to help please contact the Auxiliary president Jimi Wilson at 509-763-3445.

UPDATE: 3-22-2013 Several people have come forward and offered assistance. Looks like they may be on the way to setting things right again. Thanks for your interest!!

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