Fire, Road & Evacuation Update for Friday

mashupUPDATED 2:00pm Restricted travel will continue on Highway 2, however; without pilot cars.  Between the Tumwater Campground and Winton area, it will remain a 35 mph speed limit with no passing and no stopping. Passing lanes will be closed and marked by cones.   Radar sensing signs will monitor speed and Law Enforcement will be in place to enhance the safe travel for visitors, residents, and firefighters alike.

Fire, emergency, and law enforcement vehicles will be working in the area. Please move over if you see an emergency vehicle with a flashing light bar. 

 All traveling fire personnel will travel Highway 2 at 35 mph and with hazard lights.

Today and the weekend will bring heavier traffic to this road. Having this road remain open will depend on fire behavior, any initial attack near the road, any medical emergencies, spot fires, and the traveling public’s adherence to the rules. At any time there is a safety issue to the public and/or fire personnel, the road will be closed and the detour through Chumstick will resume.

Evacuations: The Plain River, Ponderosa Estates, Shell station and residences near Coles Corner, and Nason Creek Campground have moved from a Level 2 to a Level 1.
Suppression of these fires is an interagency effort, including Chelan County Fire Districts 1, 3, 4, 8 and 9; Washington DNR; Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, and the National Guard.

The fire was active on along the southwestern and western flanks yesterday. Pockets of unburned fuel within the fire perimeter continued to burn. Crews continue to successfully maintain firelines on the north and east perimeter. Unstable atmospheric conditions supported the formation of smoke plumes over the fire. Helicopters were active in supporting suppression efforts with water drops, helping to limit the growth of the fire. Crews continued to extend the McCue Ridge handline to the west. To the north, firefighters focused on mopping up and responding to spots outside the fireline. Resources are in place around the fire for rapid response to any new starts in the area due predicted thunderstorms and dry lightning.

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