Fire/smoke status at Lake Wenatchee August 22

LWFR high res logoNo fires are threatening the Lake Wenatchee area at this time. Smoke presence has been very consistent with wind conditions-  days with no wind we have had high smoke in the mornings that settled down onto the lake as the day progressed with heavy smoke and significantly reduced visibility resulting. Breathing it was difficult.  We have also had some very windy days and there was no smoke whatsoever. Today there is high smoke and haze and no wind yet. Not a lot of smoke coming down to lake level yet but again that could change as the day progresses. Last night had a very ominous cloud of smoke come down from the North right over the lake but it is gone this morning. It did dump some light ash in our area but apparently no  embers that have created any problems for us here so far.  Please review the posting below and remain aware that fire danger is EXTREME and that NO campfires or outdoor burning of any kind are permitted. Use of chainsaws is prohibited.  Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue has had equipment and personnel deployed at different times all week to aid in the fire suppression at Chelan, McNeil Canyon, Chewelah and Twisp/Winthrop.  Please remember kindly the three firefighters that perished this week in the Twisp/Wintrhop fires.