Swauk fires

The Firewise education meeting on Saturday morning at Mountain Springs was very well attended with over 100 participants. A lot of information was presented. Here are the key points

1: Fire is a natural part of the Lake Wenatchee area, See the graph for fire frequency over the last 400 years. Note the lack of fires since 1900, coincides with advent of ‘modern’ strategy of putting out every fire as fast as possible, resulting in an unnatural build up of fuel in the forest, see photo.

2: Community involvement in reducing the fuel load in and around our communities is key.   There are a lot of resources available FOR FREE that can be paid for with community credits.   All volunteer hours earn credits for the community to pay for chipping etc.   If you and your neighbors can volunteer some time firewising your property, your neighbors property or community property, all your hours will count for community credits. Chipping crews will be out this spring, contact one the local community coordinators below.



3: SIGN UP. There are volunteer coordinators for each sub-community area. Reach out and sign up with them. They will be coordinating efforts in each of the communities.  LakeWenatcheeInfo is working with the Fire District to provide a mechanism you can use to report volunteer hours, stay tuned.

Graph and Photo credit: Richard Schellhaas
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Here are the community coordinators:

2016 Firewise Leadership
Area   NameEmail
Nason Creek   Broughton.       Dennisdennismbroughton@gmail.com
Coles Corner   Scott,     Marciscott.marci21@gmail.com
Kahler Glen   Miller,     Billbillmiller@genext.net
Kahler Glen   Forbes, Long      Dan, Maryforbeslong@gmail.com
Stellerwood   Prestbo,     Eric prestbo@gmail.com
North and South Shore   Bottoms,     Don donb@plainhookey.com
North Shore   Strauss,      Windywstrauss@houseloan.com
White River   Saugen,     Davedave@talltimber.org
White River   Bartholomew,     DaveDNBart@gmail.com
Whispering Pines   Shilling,     Dedededeshilling@hotmail.com
South Shore   Wilson,      Georgegwwilson@nwi.net
South Shore   Wilson,      Jimijbwilson@nwi.net
South Shore   Wood     Lindawoodleuck@nwi.net
Fish Lake   Mueller,     Ann & Petemuellers5@msn.com
Idlewild   Crater,     Wendywendycrater@gmail.com
Chiwawa River Pines   Stanford,     Mikeemtstanford@gmail.com
Shugart Flats   Payne,     Mikebmpayne@nwi.net
Chiwawa Loop / Plain   Newell,     Debdebbie@mtsprings.com
Hazel Road   Egbert,     Paulascotte@mwi.net
Ponderosa   Pendleton,     Dougdougpen@nwi.net
River Road   Jennings,     Bob & Jerryrjjennings@nwi.net
River Road   Kay,     LynGroganprsh@nwi.net
Bretz Road   Newell,   Debdebbie@mtsprings.com
Bretz Road   Tobey,     Edentobey@nwi.net
Forest Glen   Adamson,   Bobboblteach2@aol.com