The Cedar Brae/South Shore FireWise Community will have a work day this coming Saturday, June 30th, beginning at 9AM at 16000 Cedar Brae Road, that’s about milepost 3. We will be working with a professional crew from Wildfire Home Protection to reduce excess fuels near a home where the owner really needs some help to assure her continued insurability. The house is adjacent to Cedar Brae Road so the excess fuels here could very well impact the ability to safely evacuate this one-way-in/one-way-out area. If you can help out please do and bring eye protection, wear sturdy footwear and highly-visible clothing. The professional crew will do the tree felling, bucking up and operation of the chipper so volunteers will be mostly pulling slash to the chipper or loading a trailer with non-chippable wood to be taken to a winter-time burn pile. Any volunteers willing to help out would be appreciated……..