Fish Lake skating rink on hold……………

Fish Lake skatingPreparations for the Skating Rink on Fish Lake at the Cove have hit a speed bump. Due to liability concerns, the operator of the Cove is not permitting the shed with the ice skates and grooming equipment on the premises. However there is nothing to stop people from picking up the skates at the shed, now located at the Lake Wenatchee Recreation Center, and going to the Cove, or anywhere else, to ice skate. There has been no decision as to whether ice grooming will take place, which will depend on the availability of volunteers. However there are times when mother nature does the ice grooming, making the whole lake a rink.
Please contact Gary Schuster via email at for the combination of the shed.

There have been discussions with several individuals who are interested in relocating operations to a land based location. This presents a whole new set of challenges. Please feel free to offer suggestions. Will keep everyone posted.

Gary Schuster

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