Rapidly melting ice along the shore tipped the Lake Weantchee Ice Flag around 4pm this afternoon.   Open water is moving down the lake towards Crescent Beach,  we will post more photos as soon as we get them,  email to admin@lakewenatcheeinfo.com.  Photos below show the flag this morning, and then about 2pm.  The winner of this years contest is Marjory Homan(4-1-17)  joining Tamzin Darden (2007) in the Lake Wenatchee Ice Flag Hall of Fame.

In the 2pm photo, you can see the flag between the branches, also note how the ice moved in towards the shore in comparision with the morning shot.  The morning photo below shows the flag in the original position.

We have reports of at least one piling on the south shore being tipped over by the ice as it is pushed by the wind.