prescribedburnFire specialists are prepared for the spring prescribed fire in our area. The burns will begin in mid-to late March with a projected 400-acres of treatments beginning in the Beaver Valley area near Lake Wenatchee. Treatments will continue as long as conditions allow.

The objectives of these treatments are to improve protection to local communities and enhance forest health and wildlife habitat. Prescribed burn areas maintain and restore vegetation and fuel conditions so if a wildfire should occur, the size, severity and effects can be more manageable.

Prescribed fires are part of the comprehensive Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Restoration Strategy. Forest Service managers began implementing the strategy in 1999 to reduce the threat of uncharacteristically severe wildfires and to return resiliency to unhealthy forest ecosystems.

All Okanogan-Wenatchee N.F. prescribed burns are weather-dependent and fire specialists will cease burning when objectives are not being met or weather conditions are unfavorable. For more information please contact WRRD Fire Management at 509-548-2550.

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