Forest Service Update

CaptureIn the Lake Wenatchee area, the South Shore Road #6601 is closed at the end of the County Road due to trees fallen over the road. This road accesses the Hidden Lake Trailhead and the Glacier View Campground. The Hidden Lake Trail is also impassable due to the large number of trees across the trail. This road will be opened after a commercial logger removes the logs from the road and the trail opened when crews cut their way through.

The Little Wenatchee Road #6500 is closed to motorized vehicles due to the large amount of trees fallen over the road. The road will be opened when a commercial logger removes logs from the road, likely in June.

The US Forest Service appreciates everyone’s patience as we deal with the effects of these natural events on the National Forest roads and trails.

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  • djisherwood May 11, 2013, 9:13 am

    We have hiked up the South Shore Road to the trailhead for Hidden Lake. Most of the downed trees have signs on them that they cannot be taken for firewood as they are part of a lumber sale. If residents were allowed to cut the trees, they would be quickly gone. Please let us know the details of the contract with the logger that allows them to take so long to remove the trees. Are they allowed to remove them “at their convenience”? Both the Little Wenatchee Road and the South Shore Road are heavily used in summer and should be open now. I totally understand the problem as we lived through the December adventure. Locals deserve more information. Thank you.