Free reflective address signs

 Whether it be fire or a medical emergency, minutes saved by firefighters or medical responders in finding your address can be the difference between success or failure. Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue is offering free blue reflective address signs to local area residents. These address signs are highly effective in helping fire, EMS or law enforcement personnel finding your home in the event of an emergency. Go to LWFR.ORG and order them today. Signs will be available for pickup at our main Fire Station during business hours at 21696 Lake Wenatchee HWY.

Update: About 20 minutes after this piece was posted this morning firefighters were dispatched  to a residential alarm on North Shore Drive. Fire units responding were delayed arriving at the location several minutes because they could not identify the correct residence. There was a number on the house which was well down off the road but nothing quickly seen along the road. These signs DO make a difference.