FREE Smoke Detector Inspections & Replacements

LWFR high res logoLake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue continues to provide free smoke detector inspections and replacements units.  Over 80 area homes have been visited so far and several hundred new alarms and batteries have been installed.  And all for free! Now is the time for you to call and arrange for your home to be updated to the new smoke alarms that have a battery with a 10 year life.  No more annoying chirps and no more annual battery replacements.  It’s free, including the installation. If your home has inter-connected hard wired alarms, we can replace your back-up batteries  with 10 year batteries.  For free. Many homes in our area have very old smoke alarms that were put in when the house was built.  They become less effective over time and should be changed out.  Many homes lack alarms in each sleeping space, outside each sleeping space, and one on every ?oor.  We can correct that, for free. Properly placed and functioning smoke alarms are the best way to protect your family in the event of a house ?re.  Don’t assume that you are protected – call and be sure. Please call Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue at 509-763-3034 or Bill Moffat at 206-455-4870 to arrange for a home visit.  And yes, it is free! Also, Spring is right around the corner.  Please get your neighborhood involved with Firewise.  We expect that this summer will be like the last two, and wild?re prevention will be critical.  Please call Deb Newell at 509-670-3286 for info on Firewise.