Tuesday,  January 19, 2021

On the South Shore of Lake Wenatchee we’ve received no measurable snow in the last several days.  At 7:30 AM is 27 degrees and foggy. Forecast currently shows mostly sunny through the week with a chance of snow on Thursday.

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Total snowfall recorded during the winter of 2019-2020 was 114.25 inches,

The current NWS weather forecast specific to our location is available here: Lake Wenatchee Forecast


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Snow Fall
Last 24 Hours0”
Last 48 Hours0″
               Year to Date75.0″


Historic Snowfall Table

Snow Report : SnowTotals
 Snow Chart 
PreviousFirst SnowfallTotal
2020-2021Oct 24, 2020
2019-2020Nov 11, 2019114
2018-2019Nov 22, 2018120.25
2017-2018Oct 21, 2017165.5
2016-2017Dec 4th 2016157
2015-2016Nov 13th138
2014-2015Nov 11th56
2013-2014Nov 5th143
2012-2013Nov 5th183
2011=2012Nov 16th170
2010-2011Nov 9th154
2009-2010Oct 16th63
2008-2009Dec 12th132
2007-2008Nov. 27th243
2006-2007Nov 2nd139
2005-2006Oct 1st39
2004-2005Nov 1st42
2003-2004Nov 17th118
2002-2003Dec 4th109
2001-2002Nov 25th172
2000-2001Nov 28th148
1999-2000Oct 30th140
1998-1999Nov 26th209