“Scouting is underway on how best to build a firebreak and protect structures if needed in the Chiwawa Valley.”  The scouting has been completed and the heavy machinery is now at work.  The first part of the firebreak is being constructed along the Meadow Creek Road to the Chiwawa River Bridge, and from there it will extend all the way to the other side of the Beaverhead Hill.  Its placement is to protect the homes and businesses from Lake Wenatchee all the way to the Ponderosa community.  The incident commander met with the heavy machine operators near Cole’s Corner at about 1pm today before they headed out to the work sites.  Certainly the weather has been helpful, but continued preparation on their part and at the individual home owner’s level needs to be our first priority.  Firewis-ing your property and the surrounding properties is the only way we can reduce our risk.


Bill & Nancy Miller