068Hello everyone…

We need volunteers! But first I\’ll provide a brief overview of where we\’re at at Lake Wenatchee State Park in the wake of the recent storm.

Two weeks ago a snow storm loaded up forests in the area with heavy snow, which then froze in place. Hundreds of trees have come down within the park and over our ski trails. Buildings and structures have been damaged, power and water was out for 12 days. We still have no internet access. State Park personnel including staff from this park and several regional parks, our Arbor Crew, and others have been working every day except Christmas and New Years day to clean up roads, parking areas, and trails using heavy equipment, chippers, snowcats, and chainsaws.

When will trails open? We plan to open the North Park cross-county trail system, including a new volunteer-improved and maintained snowshoe trail Saturday morning, January 5th. Work continues there this week in rebuilding the ski trail base and removing remaining weakened or leaning trees that are potentially hazardous. This is the first area to open because it had relatively less damage. South Park: Trail clearing continues. There are still power lines and utility poles on the ground. We hope to reopen this area by January 12. Nason Ridge: Personnel from Kahler Glen Golf Resort are clearing the first 2-3 miles of trail on Lower Nason and may do some grooming there with their snowcat soon. We will get our snowcats out there as soon as possible, but our first priority is opening the South Park trail system. Chiwawa: Due to use patterns, this will be our last area cleared. We just can\’t estimate an opening time for this area yet.

Volunteers! Once we have done the heavy cutting and clearing of trails and have verified there are no hazardous trees threatening to come down\’¦.there remains a great deal of handwork removing smaller branches and debris. We had our first amazing crew of nine volunteers here last Monday getting started in a part of the South Trail system. We hope to pull together as many folks as possible for this weekend to continue this work. Work includes a lot of picking up and tossing sticks and limbs. Many limbs are frozen in place and require some digging and cutting by loppers or a chainsaw. If you are interested in helping out, please leave a message at the park at (509) 763-3101, including the number of people, and what day/time works best. We\’ll then settle on a time and place and get back to you. In addition, please email us at Lake.Wenatchee@parks.wa.gov with the same information. If we have internet access soon, we will respond via email.

We\’re as disappointed as you that we\’re not out there grooming ski trails and our gates are closed. We\’re doing everything reasonably possible to restore our winter recreation services! Come on up and ski the North this weekend\’¦and maybe volunteer some time while you\’re at it.

Happy New Years,
The Lake Wenatchee Crew

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