photo (7)By: Bill Miller
Because of the ice storm the State Park is a mess you can\’t there from here because of the debris and fallen trees. The crew (Rick & Bruce) have been working to remove the dangerous trees and fallen debris, but like the line from Alice and Wonderland \’the faster they go, the behinder they get.\’

A timber sale is schedule for sometime this spring. At this point the state crew is working with the small track-hoe and placing trees and debris near the asphalt roads to minimize the damage to the park once the loggers arrive.

At this point they need volunteers to help pick up the small debris and stack it in piles.

If you would like to help, please call the state park 509.763.3101 and leave a message. The volunteering won\’t start until at least Saturday. On Saturday the Rick and Bruce will get back to you about what tools to bring and where to start.