A group of local volunteers coordinated by  Mike McComas of Leavenworth Electric has come together to save the Lake Wenatchee/Fish Lake Recreation Area sign at Coles Corner. It was built and erected back in the 1950’s by Dick Woodcock, a Forest Service employee who has now passed on. It’s been deteriorating and the supporting posts have now rotted completely through. The sign has been taken down to restore and re-erect it with adequate support. The effort needs some financial support. You can help save this iconic landmark by going to https://www.gofundme.com/help-save-lake-wenatchee-rec-sign and donating a few bucks.

This sign is personal for me. Labor Day weekend of 1977, then living in Bellevue,  we took the kids for a day drive over Snoqualmie, Blewett and Stevens Passes. We saw “the sign” at Coles Corner and diverted to see the place and get the kids out of the car for a while. Getting to the State Park gate, for some reason I cannot yet explain, I took a left and drove down Cedar Brae Road a ways. We saw a “For sale by owner”  sign on a lot along the lake and stopped,  walked down to the lake, and saw the lake on a perfect 80 degree day with no wind or a ripple on the lake. We drove back to Coles Corner, got on the pay phone at the little gas station there then, called the lot owner and made the deal to buy it. We’re still here and still loving this place. Let’s save this sign!