P1090772By: Debbie Newell
Three weeks ago, Dan Oberg met with some of us who attend Plain Community Church to discuss how we could better serve our community. We had a brainstorming session to explore some ideas and one idea that surfaced was to organize a community effort to clean up the debris left from the storm that hit us in December. In short, we would love to know if you need help in the removal of fallen trees and branches from your personal property. We are in the beginning stages of assessing the damage and each individual need so that we can present an organized safe plan and determine the proper equipment and skill level needed for each project. If you have a need or you know of someone else who could use some help or if you would like to participate in this upcoming venture please contact: Debbie Newell at 670-3286 or email me at debbie@mtsprings.com. This will be an ongoing project and there will be numerous ways for our whole family to be involved in the restoration process of our beautiful valley. I have contacted the county about partnering with them to clear the branches along road ways. Discussions on how to address safety issues, and work hand in hand within the framework of county ordinances were discussed and I am hoping for further dialogue. I met with the fire department in regards to disposing of the brush, burning, ordinances, permits, etc. Our fire chief, Mick, was extremely helpful and we discussed the possibility of combining their fire training with upcoming projects that meet their training criteria. I spoke with Byron Newell last night about the great need to clear the irrigation ditch which is a huge project! I have called Mike Hudson, who is managing that project, about how we can best assist them. Right now the vision of an united effort to restore and clean up is being cast and an invitation is going out for our community to come together to accomplish a task that is much bigger than any one of us. The time is now! This is a great opportunity to unite and do something to bless every resident as well as the future guests who enter our valley.