Homeowners insurance cancelled due to fire risk

The Wenatchee World in it’s Wednesday edition ran a story by K.C. Mehaffey reporting that Plain residents Ed and Nancy Tobey of Pobst Road have been informed by their insurer (Pemco) that their homeowners insurance will be cancelled due to high fire risk.  The article reports that the company has informed them that policies covering properties in all of Ponderosa and on White River Road, Cedar Brae Road and River Road will also be cancelled. To date there does not seem to be any indication that this is an industry-wide trend and the Tobey’s have been assured of coverage by another company.  

The Wenatchee World has kindly rescinded their subscriber-only policy for reading this article online so please read the entire article at  http://www.wenatcheeworld.com/news/2017/apr/11/firewise-homeowners-shocked-by-dropped-coverage/

We would like to stay on top of this issue for our area so if you have had a similar experience with your homeowners insurance please let us know by email to gwwilson@nwi.net

Update, Monday, April 17: I’ve been advised of four additional cancellations with fire danger cited: One each on Brown Road, Nason Road, White River Road and Chiwawa Loop; 3 of those with Pemco and one with Grange.