Hungry Black Bears

Just a note of caution this time of year and into the Fall season about our bears. We have LOTS of Black Bears roaming around and generally looking for easy food. Knowing how large they can grow, I’ve always been mystified that they find little bird feeders and humming bird sugar water so delightful.

Last night in Idlewild, Alpine Tracts and Cedar Brae they began turning their attention to bigger meals. Trash and Recycle bins have again become targets because they are easy pickings and lots of good stuff to eat.

While there are a variety of devices for sale designed to secure the lid of the Waste Management trash cans we use, few have really stood up to the test of a hungry bear determined to eat.  The best course historically has been prevention. When possible, do not leave trash cans outdoors during the week. If feasible, do not pull cans out to the curb on pick up day until the morning.  leaving Trash Cans exposed to the feeding frenzy a few 400 lb bears during the night just creates a mess for you to clean up in the morning.