A month in, the Ice Flag is standing tall.  There are 4 guesses (out of 25) that are still in the running.

3-15         3-17 (x2)          4-1

This weeks forecast for warmer weather and rain, could see the flag fall, but I would bet that the April 1 guess will be the only one in the running by the weekend.

Feb 13th Post:

It has been a decade since we have had major ice on Lake Wenatchee.  Long time readers of Lakewenatcheeinfo may recall that back in 2007 we had a “guess the day” the flag will fall contest.  You can track the status of the flag on Lake Wen 1 webcam.  To enter your guess add it as a comment on our Facebook page.  Bragging rights will be awarded to the winner.  This is a new flag, the old one is lost under the snow, the new flag is weighted so it should tip over when ice softens.  Please continue to use good judgement around the ice.