Ice Rink Requirements: Volunteers, Funds, Freezing

The Lake Wenatchee Winter Recreation Assoc is getting ready for winter. The ice rink at Kahler Glen is provided for all to use, free of charge, by the generous support of volunteers and donors. There are a variety of skates, kids and adult sizes, available to borrow too.

FUNDS: Make a contribution on this GoFundMe page, Support Skate Kahler. The Assoc needs to raise enough money to hire a part time coordinator to organize volunteers and cover the gaps, if interested in this position please contact Gary Schuster Gary’s Email . To use the golf course rink a volunteer must be on site during hours when the rink is open.

LAKE WENATCHEE INFO are pleased to provide $500 for the Ice Rink.

Volunteer: If you are willing to help clear the rink of snow, or help flood the rink to keep the ice smooth, please email Gary Schuster Gary’s Email to be added to the volunteer list.

Freezing: Of course we need a week or so of cold weather to set the ice, so after you have made your donation, please cross your fingers for cold!

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