For all of you who have skated on the rink at Fish Lake, you will be interested in knowing that the rink is alive and well this season, with one major change.   Kahler Glen Golf & Ski Resort, located on the East end of Lake Wenatchee, has invited us to move our venue to their golf driving range pond.  The old Skate Shack has been moved to Kahler Glen housing donated hockey and figure skates available to the public.

We are now known as the Lake Wenatchee Winter Recreation Association. To become a member and enjoy skating privileges, you will be asked to do a one time registration before you take to the rink. This registration involves a liability waver and skater statement of conduct. Skaters under 18 will need to have their parents register for them. Sign up Forms will be available at skate shed.

Daily Ice Status will be posted on the Snow Report Page: Snow Report Page

There will be some required rink maintenance today. Some of you have signed up as volunteers so I would appreciate any help. There will be some minor show blowing starting at 10:00 or so. We now have access to two blowers. At 3:30 ice grooming will begin with a minor flood to lift debris. This will require 3 people to man / woman 36″ squeegees, and two fire hose handlers. Some foot traction devises are desirable. The squeegeers can be on skates, making this operation very efficient. Following the the minor flood to lift ice debris will be at least one or two floods occurring sometime after 6:00 this evening and or at 7:00 am tomorrow. If you are available today please call me at 206 849 6466.

There is parkking available adjacent to the dumpsters, and along the rock wall to the south of the rink. Note the Sno Park Lot across the street requires a groomed ski pass.

This is a great rink in a spectacular setting, open to the public through the activities of community volunteers.  We hope to see you and yours out.