Important information on short-term rentals

  Vacation rentals have become a significant presence in our area neighborhoods in recent years. We’ve just been made aware today of legislation pending in Olympia that if passed would impose operating requirements on the operators of those short-term rentals now so prevalent in our community. The short version of House Bill HB-1798 (the corresponding Senate Bill number is SB-5870) is that the legislation would require vacation rental enterprises to:

Obtain a business license from the Washington Department of Revenue

Remit all local, state and federal taxes including occupancy, sales, lodging taxes and other applicable  taxes and fees

Provide guests with emergency contact information for police, fire and medical emergencies and post floor plans of fire exits, escape routes from the building and contact  information for the operator.

Maintain $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage

Comply with all provisions of the Revised Code of Washington and state building codes regarding installation of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

The entire text of the proposed legislation can be viewed at:  

Time is very short to make your opinions on this legislation known: It’s important that you submit your thinking on this issue to the House Committee on Consumer Protection and Business AND your 12 District legislators without delay. The Committee will take public testimony on the bill on Tuesday, February 12th, and vote on it the next day so only a few days remain to make your feelings on this legislation known to them.

To email your comments to the Committee go to:

To send your comments to Representatives Goehner and Steele and Senator Hawkins of our 12th District email them at:
Representative Keith Goehner:       
Representative Mike Steele              
Senator Brad Hawkins