At his recent monthly meeting with constituents in Plain, County Commissioner Kevin Overbay made us aware of a significant loss of revenue to Chelan County that could be going toward road maintenance and other services in our part of the County. The loss of revenue results from the zip code we use when purchasing merchandise on-line from Amazon or any other vendor. The sales tax that is collected on those sales is returned to local governments based solely upon the zip code of the address to which the merchandise is shipped.  Thus, using only the five-digit 98826, which is the zip code for Leavenworth, tax dollars collected on that sale are routed to the City of Leavenworth government, not to the Chelan County government who provides our services in the unincorporated areas of the County. Look at your recent purchase receipts- if the sales tax charged is 8.2 percent, that is going to Chelan County but if the tax is 8.4 percent that is all going to the City of Leavenworth. Examining our own recent purchase receipts confirmed that using the 5-digit zip code 98826 the tax proceeds have indeed all been going to the City of Leavenworth. Obviously, this is a substantial amount of money being denied the County. To remedy this diversion of your tax dollars to an entity that does not serve you, it’s necessary when making on-line purchases to use the additional four digits that comprise the complete 9-digit zip code of your address. On the South Shore of Lake Wenatchee that is 98826-8725 but all areas/neighborhoods are different. To determine your complete nine-digit zip code go to and enter your address. This is important and easily done- please do what you can to insure that your tax dollars go to the government entity that provides your services. Facebook