FAC efforts organize local residents to prepare for fire prevention (Firewise) and also include activities before, during and after wildfires. It’s preparing for a wildfire, what to do during a wildfire and recovering from a wildfire both personally and for our community.  The local FAC has reached out to share their input on the Forest Service Upper Wenatchee Forest Plan, see attached document.

Dear Community Partner:

As you may be aware the Upper Wenatchee Restoration Project is requesting public comments regarding this 75,000 acre forest restoration project. The Lake Wenatchee Fire Adapted Communities Committee is supportive of this project but believe to make this a long term success for our community certain key elements must be included . We have attached this bulletin outlining these key elements for our community.  In addition, here is the website to submit your online comments on this project, deadline March 27th.

 We are asking you to please share this information with other members of your community. This project will impact everyone in the Lake Wenatchee area, please take the time express your thoughts.

Thank you for your support,

Rex Lund
LWFAC Committee