Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue levy renewal

 Ballots are now arriving in local mail boxes which have one issue only for your consideration- renewal of the Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue operating levy.
In 2005 area voters approved a $0.82 per thousand operating levy to insure the sustained providing of services by Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue. Over the ensuing years, that mil rate has deteriorated to $0.54. At the same time, general operating costs to the fire department, as in our own homes, have escalated significantly.

Lake Wenatchee Info supports the approval of this renewal to the original levy threshold of 0.82. Two specific factors in particular compel our support of the restoration of this levy rate: 1) Response time to medical aid calls and 2) insurability of our homes. In short, approximately 60% of the nearly 300 calls responded to by LWFR in 2019 were emergency aid calls. The 10-12 minute EMT-staffed ambulance response time we have here because of the LWFR partnership with Cascade Medical is remarkable for a rural area like this and must be maintained, the alternative being a 35-45 minute response from Leavenworth. The improved insurance rating recently achieved by LWFR helps us all with continued insurability and lessened premiums. A demonstrated capability of delivering adequate fire response is the only way to retain that insurance rating.

Lake Wenatchee Info rarely publishes editorial pieces; this is an exception in a community-based, non-partisan ballot issue. We hope you will join us in voting your support of this levy renewal. Respectful opinions submitted supporting or contrary to our opinion will be published either here or on the Facebook page of Lake Wenatchee Info.

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